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Predictive Dialer is a part of an autodialer. This is not the same as an autodialer. Still, it benefits that when the agent is unavailable, it makes calls and improves productivity by making calls as much as possible. The calling process is like when a call is unanswered, it moves to another call, and another one is when an agent is not available to attend the call, it shifts to the other agent. This result reduces the downtime of the call center agents and increases the talk time of the agents of the call centers.

There are various distinctions between the predictive dialer and the autodialer

An autodialer is a technology that automates the dialing procedure for callers, making agents' lives simpler. On the other hand, a predictive Dialer for call centers enhances the calling rate by connecting as many customers as possible. In addition, it can do multiple calls at a single dial and automatically transfer the answered calls to the next available agent.

Features of Predictive Dialer

  • Reduce downtime: There is the less ideal time because it connects to the customer from the contact list. 

  • Predictive dialing: It determines whether the agents are available or not to attend the calls.

  • Automatically detects voicemails: It helps to detect human voices and voicemails. 

  • Multiple calls at a single time: By using this, the agents can make multiple calls at a single time.

  • Transfer calls to the live agents: When a customer is connected, it transfers the call to the agent.

  • Improve talk time: It makes back-to-back calls, so there is no chance that the agent wastes time.

  • Increasing sales by connecting more leads: There is no ideal time to increase sales by connecting prospective customers. 

  • Call Monitoring and call recording: It has features call monitoring and call recording. 

  • Provide high-quality calls: It provides high-quality calls.

  • Advanced call routing: Predictive dialer software ensures that callbacks connect to the right agent. 

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