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The interactive voice response (IVR) technique sets the pre-recorded message for the customer interaction in both inbound and outbound calls. It helps respond to the human voice when the agent is unavailable to attend the call. In this technology, messages are recorded through voice and text-to-speech technology. It helps to take calls automatically and assign the call to the appropriate agent to resolve the issue. By using IVR solutions, you can handle a large volume of calls. It saves a lot of time for the agent and quickly resolves the customer’s query. You can scale the IVR system without adding extra cost using IVR cloud solutions. It started the conversation from where it ended, so there is no need to repeat the information again, and it saves time for both customers and agents. 

Features of Cloud IVR System

  • Enhance your brand image

  • Provide personalized experience

  • Collect feedback

  • Better customer experience

  • Improve efficiency and productivity

  • Easy to set up

  • Reduce all over the cost

  • Manage a large volume of calls

  • Call recording

Industries that used IVR Hosting System

  • Banks and Finance: IVR cloud solutions are used in banks. The customers are attended by the auto-attendant and send the call to the right person. It allows the customers to pay the bills 24/7 hours by using the IVR solution. 

  • Politics: This system helps to manage political campaigns and gather information. 

  • Healthcare: When you call the hospital, an automated greeting is played, and then after, it will guide you to connect to the correct department. This is a great way to differentiate among admission offices, hospital administration, doctor’s clinics, specialized units, laboratories, and other hospital services.

  • Government: It is used to remind you of the license, tax, unpaid tickets, etc. It is also used for time-sensitive weather forecasts, flight delays, and changes. 

  • Insurance: It helps to remind loan payment and notify customers of important information. 

  • Real Estate: Using this, the real estate business can improve the client’s experience. They can route the calls to the different departments such as real estate agents, sales and billing, loans, customer support, and other related services.

  • Many industries are using hosted IVR solutions for their benefit. Their industries are telecom companies, eCommerce, call centers, hotel & resorts, restaurants, internet providers, travel & tourism, transportation, luxury brands, education sector, and more.

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