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A CRM dialer is suitable for the call centers that help connect the agents to the numbers and answer the calls. By using CRM predictive dialer, companies can generate more revenue and close more leads. You don't have hours waiting when you make sales, so you need easy and fast software. For these, a free CRM dialer is a suitable option for your business. You can work more efficiently. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it is a customized system for discovering, acquiring, targeting, and maintaining the ideal customers.

How does CRM dialer software help your business?

  • Admin time and effort are cut in half.

  • Agents' average handling time is shorter.

  • Increasing the lead conversion rate.

  • Reduced agent idle time and increased agent talk time.

  • Real-time reporting 

  • Customization of incoming and outgoing calls. 

  • Improves response rates.

  • Agents have more control.

  • Reach a wide range of customers.

  • Cost-effective

  • Improve team performance

Features of CRM Auto Dialer

  • Click to Call

  • Mobile CRM

  • Integrated texting

  • Calling campaign

  • Automatic call tracking

  • Web-based

  • CRM import/ export

  • Flexible access

  • Predictive dialing

  • Customizable

  • Lead management system

  • API integration

  • Schedule SMS, Emails, Calls by using Google calendar

  • Prioritized dial list

  • Conference calling and call recording

  • Inbuilt CRM

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