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We provide our clients scalable and adaptable VoIP solutions. The Asterisk communication framework is free and open-source. The conference server is an IP IBX, also a customized solution. Small and big businesses, government organizations, airlines, and call centers are using it worldwide. 

Asterisk Software Solution Benefits 

  • The operational cost is very low because asterisk software is open source, and you can change or update it without any extra cost. 

  • It comes with various features so developers can use them according to their requirements. 

  • It is connected to the internet to be added to the existing system.

  • It allows remote working. You can use it at home without any extra hardware.

  • By using SIP trunking, you can use an asterisk VoIP solution at a lower cost, even if you are using a traditional phone.

  • You can integrate with APIs, CRMs, and software, and then you can enhance the functionality of your company. 

  • For large organizations that have branched worldwide, asterisk software is the best option for communication because it is cheap and easy to use.

Features of Asterisk VoIP Solution

  • Call Queue

  • Auto Attendants

  • Advanced Call Recording

  • Programmable Option

  • Custom IVR

  • Custom API and CRM integration

  • Online Support and Maintenance

  • Call Monitoring and Forwarding

  • Call Routing

  • Blacklists

  • Email to Voicemail

  • Real-time Call Log

  • Three-Way Calling

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