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Why is power dialer superior to predictive dialer?

Manual dialing is no longer necessary due to several software and technological advancements. Perhaps there is a database with a collection of numbers, or things are still done the old-fashioned way, with salespeople utilizing notebooks to go down the list

Even many businesses with traditional sales software aren't fully utilizing power dialers, and all they can do with one. There are also many benefits for smaller firms, whether in the fundraiser, marketing, or customer support, even though power dialers may look like they are only helpful for contact centers and increased businesses.

Reasons to utilize Power dialer software

A progressive dialer and a power dialer are essentially the very same. According to other sources, the only true distinction is that whenever an agent finishes a call, a power dialer software immediately calls the following contact on a queue. A progressive dialer, in comparison, waits for the agent to click before dialing the following number. In contrast, a predictive dialer is very different. This software dials several numbers for each available agent based on statistical assumptions, anticipating that only a specified percentage of calls will be answered.

What occurs if two of the phone calls are answered?
A live person always answers one call. A recorded message usually starts after the other caller waits for a while. In addition to offering subpar customer service, predictive dialers pose a compliance concern.

Consequently, a power dialer system outperforms a predictive dialer, but in what way?

One of the main advantages of a power dialersystem over manual dialing is productivity; additionally, any organization can pre-record any message using voicemail drop so that it will be left for the organization whenever the organization department connects with voicemail. Try clicking the next call button after the software has left a message for the user.


It's quite simple to dial the incorrect digit when manually calling a series of numbers. If any calling agent repeatedly phones on the Do Not Call list, it's inevitable. Just be aware that breaking the law could result in expensive fines, accidents or not. Just the contacts on the database will be called by a power dialer. Therefore, there is no need for an organization to be concerned about dialing the incorrect number or digit.

Clicking to call is still an option

A power dialer can start dialing the next phone on the list as soon as a professional ends a call on the prior one. Without ceasing, the agent could place phone call after call. That can be advantageous at times and is a terrific method to simplify the calling into a short amount of time. However, there are moments when the agent must slow down and might want to write things down or just pause for a moment. The agent can get the finest of both worlds by switching the system from automated dialing to click-to-call dialing. Organizations do not need to bother misdialing the number because the application will still do it for them.

Increase the number of callbacks

Almost everyone who works in the fundraising or telephone sales profession can testify to one thing: you'll leave several messages. Each of those communications can take up to 30 seconds. It's simple to accumulate numerous hours a week of merely posting messages if the agent makes a lot of calls. 

At last, the organization may expedite the process and increase the effectiveness of their work by using a power dialer. Companies can stay in compliance with FTC and FCC rules with its assistance. The Codeflex Labs's power dialer can assist businesses in reaching more individuals, though, so that companies can inform them of the advantages of the good or service.

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