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How IVR is Using the Banking Sector?

IVR:- When a client calls, a pre-recorded message is played as part of the service providers' interactive voice response (IVR) system. This message assists the caller in finding an answer to their issue. As they hear the tape, the caller must select the required number connected to their problem. If the IVR solution cannot resolve the case, it is forwarded to a company representative.

IVR-hosted solution:- An automated bot that answers the phone and welcomes visitors is an IVR hosting services solution. Instead of spending hours describing the situation to several individuals, one may respond to the concerns the bot poses to them by using the keypad. The definition of "hosted" is "on the cloud." Hosted IVR passes the architecture of a typical IVR system to the cloud. There is no need for exorbitant expenditures on infrastructure maintenance. On the cloud, which is only accessible by the company, all information will be secure and private.

Is IVR a wise choice for small businesses?

Of course, IVR solutions for small businesses are a good option. In actuality, a proprietorship can also employ an IVRS. Here are some advantages you might want to consider:

  1. Less labor is required: Because an IVR is automated, fewer workers are needed. As a result, it requires even fewer individuals to be hired. It is very time-saving.
  2. Relatively inexpensive: fewer personnel are required, and infrastructure is the only cost.
  3. Saves time: The IVRS saves time because call forwarding is no longer required. The IVRS handles it all by itself.

IVR Solution and Technology in Banking

Data protection has been a top priority, so it's critical to have the appropriate security options given the quick growth of technology and solutions, particularly in the banking industry. With the amazing advancement of technology, it has become necessary for companies to adopt the best practices to keep the company profitable. The banking system has historically been the sector that relies most significantly on encryption and protecting information, so the IVR banking system is an excellent combination.

Use Cases for IVR Banking Solutions

  • Report a card as lost, stolen, damaged, reissued, or blocked: Customers do not need to phone customer service numbers and anxiously wait to be attached to an agent should a card be lost, destroyed, or robbed. As clients call the helpline number, choose their primary language, and take a few easy steps to restrict their card, they can notify the same through an IVR. They can also get a confirmation via mail or SMS after the request has been successfully submitted. They can also specify that a new card should be issued in its place.
  • Send out quick fraud alerts: Clients can receive prompt notifications if a suspicious transaction is found in their accounts through an IVR. Even though an SMS message can equally solve this, IVR offers the consumer the choice of an effective transfer to a banking agent.
  • Product specifics: Banks must communicate with their consumers frequently and inform them about the goods and services they offer. For instance, Demat accounts, insurance coverage, information about private loans, loans secured by shares, and numerous others. IVR phone system is a straightforward yet effective option since it can immediately connect callers to the correct banking representative and give them the details they need to use the service.
  • Application for a loan and its standing: Clients who have chosen borrowed funds can contact IVR to check on the progress of their approvals and reimbursement for the home mortgage, loan, and any other loan they have taken. Since IVR relies on logic, it can simply divert calls to the appropriate agents so that they may explain and clarify the specifics of the loan application and repayment schedule. 

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