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CodeFlex Labs is the leading telecom provider that delivers VoIP solutions, Voice Broadcasting solutions, Call Center solutions, vicidial solutions, FreeSwitch Dialer, and more worldwide. We have skilled professional engineers who develop clients' solutions according to their requirements.

Our Quality

We have some special qualities that will help you

On Time Delivery

We commit that we will give our solution on time. We schedule assignments, projects, and teams such that deadlines are never missed.

Experts in Industry

The team is made up of passionate people about what they do, constantly eager to learn, ethical, and value their clients' time.

Evaluate the Business

We analyze your business, and after that, we suggest the best solution or service according to the market needs. Using our solutions, you can increase your growth and expand your business.

Why Choose Us

We are always here to serve outstanding services for you

Exceptional Security

We ensure that your business identity, visibility, and brand are safe.

Enhance Communication

You can improve communication between you and your customers by choosing our services or solutions.

Quick Response

If you are looking to provide a better experience for your customers and we will give a quick response to any query.


We have a team of experts who helped develop the best software customizable solution for you.

Client First

We always begin with where you are with your ideas, consider your end-users perspectives and design a solution that addresses crucial concerns to assist your organization.

24/7 Support

You may reach us 24/7 at +1 423 301 6767 and mail us at project@codeflexlabs.com. We will respond as soon as possible.

Our Products

We offer the best products for your business










Our products or solutions are developed with advanced technology. These tools help to enhance your sales and increase your revenue. We also provide customization according to your needs and update them whenever you want. We have experts in our industry, so don't worry about anything.

It depends on the solution, but we assume that we are providing all solutions at an affordable price.

There are many benefits of IVR systems, such as intelligent call routing, saving time, reducing cost, improving lead generation, helping businesses, and more.

The call quality is high because it totally depends on the internet speed.


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